Sunday, February 19, 2012


That's dutch for good evening! You might be impressed right now because you think I've learned a dutch word! Actually, I haven't learned any dutch words at all! But I have learned how to use Google Translator. Its the little skills in life that get us by ;-) 

I woke up this morning and had my usual yogurt, honey and "muesli" (have you heard of it? Its like granola only European, so more chill). I ate it the usual way, while lounging in bed and watching The Daily Show. Can you say chill way to start off the day?

The view from my room this morning!
I enjoy watching a show that focuses on American current events while abroad. Despite the much chiller European lifestyle that is growing on me each day, I am starting to realize that America, despite all its annoying aspects (relative to Europe), isn't all that bad... Sometimes I miss those little things I took for granted. Like being able to use the bathroom for free. Have you ever heard of having to pay 50 cents to use a restroom at an establishment that you've already paid a cover charge to get into!? No one questions it here!! It happens all the time!

Anyways, afterwards, I had my usual Digestives Biscuits with Tea. Digestive Biscuits are one of the best things about Europe. I have at least two a day (along with my tea, which I also have on the daily. Usually multiple cups.)

Best dipped in hot tea.
After chowing down on my daily sustenance, I was off to the Rykes and Van Gogh museum in the Museum Quarter. But its getting late, and I'll talk about this in my next blog. For those of you who might think its strange that a blog post entitled good evening talks exclusively about the (major) events of the morning, let me explain that I started this blog post early in the morning and didn't finish it until now, 1:30 AM. (I know that all the millions of people reading this right now were confused) Anyways, tomorrow's Monday, and I need to be well rested for class... or maybe really just for the Heineken Experience. :-D

Until my next moment of free time (aka soon),